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To access the following features, a Public Folder admin or another user must share these resources with your account. Sharing must be set up in Outlook.
Viewing Domain Public Folders in OWA
If you are using the Premium version of OWA, you can view public folders by clicking the Public Folder icon, located in the bottom left corner of the OWA window.
Viewing Shared Folders in OWA
If you have been given full access to another mailbox, you can open the shared mailbox by clicking your user name in the upper right corner. This accesses the Open Other Mailbox command box.

Notes: When accessing shared folders via OWA, the CalendarTasks, & Notes are only accessible with IE6 or later.
If you have been given permission to view a user’s shared calendar or other common folder, you can access them through the following addresses.

  1. Log into your User Control Panel at the following URL:

  2. Under the Client Setup section, click the Exchange Server link. This will open the Exchange Server Settings window.
  3. Use the following addresses for shared resources. Replace "<Outlook Web Access>" with the Outlook Web Access address listed in the Exchange Server Settings window. Replace "<>" with the user’s full email address:
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=calendar
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=tasks
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=notes
    Sent Items
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=sent%20items
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=contacts
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=inbox
    Subfolder of the Inbox
    https://<Outlook Web Access>/<>/?cmd=contents&f=inbox%2fsubfolder

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